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  1. -Political Compass test - Share your results on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.

  2. -Biographical information for all members of the US Congress

  3. -Detailed Voting Records for all US Congressmen and Congresswomen

  4. -Find your representatives in Congress, just by entering your home ZIP code.

- Phone, Email, and Twitter Contact information for all members of Congress

  1. -Full text and Summary of all US Congress Bills, back to the 106th Congress, and of all versions and amendments.

  2. -View sponsors and cosponsors of all bills in Congress

  3. -Full text of the US Constitution, organized by Articles and Amendments separately, for easy and convenient study

How it works:

In a matter of 5 to 10 minutes, you can find out exactly where you stand in the political arena. There’s more to politics than just Republicans vs. Democrats, so jump in with Political GPS. Just as a car’s GPS tells you where your car is located at any time, Political GPS tells you where your beliefs place you, your friends, your coworkers, or anyone else that you want to test.

There are no right answers. Whatever you believe is right, and whatever I believe is also right, even if the two conflict. Political GPS will never tell you that your beliefs are wrong, even if I personally disagree with you. It will only use your input responses to determine the sum of your beliefs.

The test consists of 30 questions in randomized order, so that though the test will have the same questions for all users, no one can memorize a pattern of answers in order to achieve a certain end result. For more on the results view, read on.

Results Views:

Once you’ve finished taking Political GPS’ compass test, view your results in an easy to understand graphical representation. Touch the Switch View button to view a map of some well-known politicians. Whether you’re near them or not depends on how close your opinions are to theirs.

In both views, a green orb represents the user’s position. As one moves up the vertical y axis, the social freedoms granted to citizens in an ideal government increases, and as one moves down, it decreases. As one moves right along the horizontal x axis, the economic freedom granted to individuals, businesses, and large corporations increases, while it decreases as one moves left.

The yellow section represents the Libertarian position, with the anarchists in the extreme top of the view, while the black section represents the Authoritarian position, with the fascists and totalitarians at the extreme bottom of the chart. Red represents the Conservatives and blue represents the Liberals, in US terms.

If you want to show your friends your results, you can do so with built in support for Twitter, Facebook, and Email sharing, too. It couldn’t be any easier.

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The political compass test redefined for your iPhone or iPod touch:

Scroll down for screenshots and more info

US Congress Tracker:

Political GPS’s Congress Tracker gives you detailed information for each member of the US Congress. From biographical information and links to each member’s website to in-depth voting information and the ability to easily contact each member by phone, email, or twitter, Political GPS helps you to learn more about your congress.

Enter your zip code, and Political GPS will find all of your applicable representatives in Congress. See what percentage of the time each votes with his or her own party, and view past roll call votes: yea, nea, or otherwise. Select a certain vote to view information on that bill. View a list of sponsors and cosponsors for each bill, and if you’d like, you can then drill into all of the information and records of each sponsoring or cosponsoring member, just as with the first member you started to research. Go back to the information on the bill you were viewing the sponsors of, and read an official CRS summary, or if you choose, the full text, organized by article and section, with a full table of contents.

If you don’t feel like browsing through the full list of senators and representatives, use the search feature. Looking for a certain person? Search for him or her by name. Looking for all representatives for a certain state? Search by that state’s name. As you type, Political GPS Will already be displaying results.

Congress Tracker really puts the power into your hands to find out more about the representatives that serve you in Congress. If an election is coming up, for example, nothing reveals more about the type of legislator each member is than looking back at the roll call voting records, sponsored or cosponsored bills, and partisanship, or lack thereof, for each member. And Political GPS puts this all in your pocket, in a centralized location, so that you don’t need to waste your time looking for everything. Find out more about the Congress that serves YOU with Political GPS.

Study the US Constitution with ease

Easily study the US Constitution right inside of Political GPS. Organized by Articles, Sections, and Amendments, it’s easy to go right to the area that you want to read. And it’s all easy on the eyes. The font is large and clear, but the background is antique parchment similar to that found on the physical copy of the US Constitution, and adds an extra bit of authenticity without making the document harder to read.

More documents of historical significance will be added in future updates. If you’d like to see a particular one included, please email me at csnplt@gmail.com in order to make a suggestion.

Free Version

There is also a free, ad-supported, version of Political GPS. It is limited to the Compass test features, and cannot provide the up to the minute, detailed information about the US Congress and its members (see above) that the full version can. It also does not have the Constitution feature of the full version.

If you are annoyed by the frequent advertisements, or wish to have the features of the full version, keep in mind that it is currently only $1.99. Full version purchases also help the continued development of Political GPS, as there are many more features that I’m interested in adding, such as campaign finance information for all congress members and more US Congress bill information.

Free version in iTuneshttp://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=338480253&mt=8

Video Demo of Political GPS

Member Tracker:

Bill Tracker:

Besides being able to track each member of the US Congress, Political GPS also track its bills. Search by topic, content, title, or bill number, and within seconds, Political GPS will find results. You can then view each bill’s Sponsor and Cosponsors, view its official CRS Summary, or read its full text, just as in the member tracker.

You can also view recently introduced bills, or browse bills by Congress session number and bill type.

The best part is that both the bill tracker and the member tracker are linked together. Touching a sponsor of a bill in the bill tracker will open that legislator’s detail view in the Member tracker, and conversely, selecting a roll call vote in the Member tracker will reveal more info about that bill in the Bill tracker. See the video demo at the bottom of the page and the screenshots to the right.

Get involved in your government.

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